Moto 101

What is Moto 101?

The Moto 101 program is a free, 1 ½ hour interactive class that includes a short presentation on what young people need to know about riding motorcycles and to watch a licensed motorcycle instructor demonstrate various techniques and life-saving skills.

Topics include:

  • Risks of riding and how to reduce risk through training, riding gear, good mental attitude and using sound judgment
  • Why formal training is important
  • Information on new laws for motorcycle instruction permits and licensing

Why Moto 101?

In recent years, 968 motorcyclists were seriously injured in Nevada and 238 riders lost their lives on our roadways.

Many who have never ridden a motorcycle only see the fun and freedoms that riders enjoy. However, many non-riders do not know that riding a motorcycle requires different skills and knowledge and a much higher focus on roadway safety. Riding a motorcycle is much different than driving a car!

This session provides the participant with information to make a wise decision on whether they should pursue riding motorcycles, and, if the decision is to learn to ride, the session shows the participant the steps they should follow.

Who is Moto 101 for?

Anyone 15-20 years of age, who is considering learning to ride a motorcycle. Interested parents are also welcome and invited to attend.

How can I sign-up?