Become an Instructor

Become an instructor today and help new and experienced riders sharpen their skills and abilities.

Become an Instructor

Learn How to Become an Instructor

What are the steps to
becoming an instructor?
  • Call 1-800-889-8779 for an application or e-mail
  • Complete and mail in the application
  • Interview with one of our Rider Coach Trainers
  • Pass a driving record check
  • Successfully complete the Rider Coach Preparation class
  •  Apply to teach at one of the Nevada Rider contracted training sites


Instructor Spotlight Jim Stewart


Jim has been a rider for over 30 years and a Nevada Rider Motorcycle Safety Program instructor since 2005. His passion is helping students become better and safer riders. He has five motorcycles, but his favorite is the Honda Goldwing. He has traveled across the country several times on his Goldwing, and even has a little pop-up tent trailer that he tows behind his motorcycle for camping.

Instructor Spotlight Seena Drapala

Seena Drapala

I have been riding since I was 12 years old. I wish there had been a Basic Rider Course (BRC) around when I started riding. I enjoy coaching people, especially, those who have never been on a motorcycle before, to learn to ride. It is also gratifying when experienced riders say they learned lots from any of the courses I teach. The BRC2 course is great because you get to ride your own bike. It is a good course to take in the spring to freshen up your skills as the riding season ramps up again. The Advance Rider Course (ARC) has some really cool riding techniques to learn on your own bike. This course was developed from the sport racer techniques and develops more advanced riding skills.